Mel Cole-Brooks- Founder & Principal Teacher 

I started performing to audiences at the age of four in various singing and dance concerts. Through these I was selected to compete throughout the South Island of New Zealand. 

When I was 11 my family moved to Mandurah, Perth. I successfully auditioned for a performance troupe called Vicki Biro Performers. In this troupe I was given a principle soloist role and performed in paid concerts at Burswood casino, Observation city, Mandurah Foreshore Functions and other council/ government events. I stayed with this troupe until age 18 when I moved back to Christchurch, NZ to attend Canterbury University studying BA Arts major Theatre, Film and Music. During this time I was acting regularly with various theatre companies and nominated for a best supporting actress award. 

In 2000 I moved to Sydney where i was acting in various plays within the Genesian theatre and independent short films that went onto the international film circuit. It is here in Sydney that I also started working full time in the Hotel loyalty industry. Over the next few years in the business world I worked my way up through the corporate ladder from sales to senior sales consultant, team leader, trainee manager, Manager, Senior Management and finally was promoted to Director of Operations running the Australian and New Zealand Regions. 

It was during my trainee manager role in South Australia that I began my Teaching Diploma for Speech and Drama and go a role working part time at Walford girls in Adelaide as a Speech & Drama teacher. Upon moving back to Sydney and completing my teaching diploma I made the decision to retire out of the corporate world and focus on consultation work for corporate training and Speech & Drama teaching. I began working at Wenona school, North Sydney in 2007 and stayed there until I resigned at the end of 2015 to expand my teaching portfolio I began part time as the K-2 drama teacher at Ravenswood Girls school in Gordon and was blessed enough to also teach students from The Kings school, Tara girls, Middle Harbour, Shore, St Aloysius College, The Scots College, Normanhurst Girls.

Throughout my years of experience I understand that there is a need in the market for a school that offers the benefit of group classes, allowing students to work in ensembles, but with a firm individualised creative pathway in place - ensuring they are reaching their personal maximum potential.

I wake every day passionate about providing the best learning platforms for students. I believe we do this at AS-DA -  Australian Speech and Drama Academy.  We work to make the biggest impact on each student and a difference to the community by providing speciality education in the performing arts from some of the best teachers in the industry.

I truly look forward to sharing this journey with you 

Mel x  

 AS-DA - Teaching Staff 

As a not-for-profit organisation we were formed to encourage and promote the highest standards of teaching and promote the study and knowledge of the performance arts in every form- Communications, Speech & Drama, Musial Theatre & Film/TV. 

We work to connect teachers of communication, and performance to act as a voice of the profession.

Our teachers are all working in the industry and therefore have their finger on the pulse. 

We provide all our teachers with the opportunity to interact with like-minded professionals (individuals) from a teaching, theatre and business background; offer on-going professional development and aim to enhance presentation and performance skills in life, education, theatre, and the changing workplace. 

We work closely with members from the leading Examination Boards and industry professionals to ensure we are keeping to the highest standards necessary to remain a market leader in education.