Australian Speech & Drama Academy (AS-DA)

'Taking Language into the Future'

  • Trinity’s graded acting and speaking exams provide a structured yet flexible framework for progress, which encourages learners of all levels and abilities to demonstrate their skills in performing and speaking through engaging with as wide a variety of performance activities and texts as possible. 
  • The exams assess performance and speaking skills through face-to-face practical assessment. 
  • They offer learners of any age the opportunity to measure their development as performers against a series of internationally understood benchmarks, taking them from beginner level to the point where they can progress to entry for Trinity’s performance diplomas, higher education or employment.

  • Develop a range of transferable communication skills, including problem-solving, creativity, team working and organisational skills, that will have a positive impact in both education and the workplace
  • Feature practical tasks that reflect real-world situations such as preparing and delivering CVs for interview, stories for broadcast, and presentations that debate current issues 
  • Now offering Group Initial exams, giving beginner candidates a goal and preparation for Grade 1 onwards
  • Offer candidates the choice to have their skills assessed individually or within a group

School Aged Group Classes per semester **15 Classes per semester

Kindergarten to Year 10: $525.00

Year 10 to Year 12: $600.00

18+ Adult Classes per semester **15 Classes per semester ** Online and face to face 

Adult 18+: $750.00

Professional Training Diploma Certification: $975 per semester

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Private Classes- School fees per semester.

** Please note all private or paired tuition requests need to be submitted directly to the school before enrollment.  A teacher will be allocated subject to availability.

30 minute paired lesson: $350 per semester per student 

30 minute private: $698 per semester  

60 minute private: $1398 per semester  

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School Holiday workshops: 9am -4pm 

1 day workshops: $120 per student 

3 day workshops: $350 per student   

5 day workshops: $550 per student   

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Term Dates 2020

Term One: Tuesday 28th January to Thursday 9th April 

Term Two: Monday 27th April to Friday 26th June 

Term Three: Monday 20th July to Friday 25th September 

Term Four: Monday 12th October to Thursday 3rd December 

Conditions of entry 

Classes are limited to 14 students per class.

All group classes run for a duration of 50 minutes. This is with the exception of the Diploma course which runs for 70 minutes.

Missed classes can be made up upon request and subject to availability.

All students attending regular classes are required to sit examinations held either in the middle of the year or at the end of the year.

These exams are with Trinity Guildhall London - See below for information on Trinity Guildhall examinations.