If your not willing to learn 
No one can help you
If you are determined to learn 
No one can stop you
At AS-DA we believe 
The Sky
Is only the beginning of your limit.

Vision Statement

To be a leader in education working to develop each students confidence to trust their choices and become the best version of themselves.

Australia Speech and Drama Academy (AS-DA) is a Not For Profit institute our vision is to provide the highest quality tuition specialising in the education of communication & performing arts. 
Our aim is to nurture each student in their chosen discipline within a supportive environment. 
We create individualised learning programs for each pupil identifying the best creative pathway forward for them. Whether a person chooses to study communication, acting or musical theatre we offer opportunities for every individual.

AS-DA is an ardent supporter of social enterprises with a sole division of the business engineered towards our outreach programs.

What is Speech and Drama and What can it do for you?

Students that study with AS-DA:

  • Gain national certifications and/or global certifications in their chosen disciplines
  • Learn to believe in themselves and what they have to say 
  • Develop confidence about who they are and trust their instincts 
  • Build a strong sense of self-worth and identity 
  • Have opportunity to work with leading industry professionals in the Masterclass or school holiday workshops. 
  • Participate in performances for community events
  • Audition for Center Stage Talent Agency.